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Now on sale Arcadia's newly published book, Images of America / Bucks County  click here for information 

Now on sale History Press published book, Colonial Inns and Taverns of Bucks County  click here for information 

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Items on sale at:  

  • 160 West Maple Avenue, Langhorne, PA
    Wednesdays 10:00 am - noon and 7:00-9:00 PM
    Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 pm.
    or by appointment. Call (215) 757-1888
    General Meetings - 4th Monday of month - 8 P.M.
  • Judy's Corner Store, 127 S. Bellevue Ave, Langhorne
    Daily 10 - 5 (Closed Thursday and Sunday)
    Phone: 215-757-6158

Langhorne Centennial Book has been reprinted.

Langhorne Centennial Book has been reprinted and supplies now available
at Judy's Corner, 127 S. Bellevue Ave. for $20 for nonmembers and $18
for members or at the HLA Gift Shop. or can be mailed at an additional
$2.50. Send check or money order to HLA, 160 W. Maple Ave.,
Langhorne, PA. 19047 with return shipping address.
Get your copy now - - -

Ghost Tour T-Shirts available for sale to view them CLICK HERE.

PICTURE CD'S NOW AVAILABLE: For use on your personal computer,
plays in your CDrom drive.

1. Old Langhorne Slide Show - Joan Paxson Bodnar's old postcards - 70 of Langhorne and 70 of the surrounding areas.

2. Jim Maier's Bucks County post cards, many of them are Arnold Brothers from way back. Slide Show format.

3.Covered Bridges, Bucks and Lancaster Counties - some of Ed Vogenberger's (80) slides of mostly Bucks and Lancaster Counties Covered Bridges with Bucks County Traveler insets.

4. Older Langhorne homes and buildings taken 1947 - 1970 - 62 of Ed Vogenberger's pictures of older homes and buildings.

All available at $20.00 each - add $2.50 for mailing.

$ 1.00 ~- Walking Tour Book
5.00  HLA Note Cards (10)
5.00  Map...1888 Langhorne
5.00  Map...1876 Attleboro
5.00  Map...Middletown
8.00  Tote Bag with logo
3.00  Pins - 1680
10.00  8" Plate. Borough Hall
15.00  Plate .Langhorne Library (H.L.A.)
15.00  Plate. Victorian (Noe) House
5.00  Prints -
Richardson House, Pine St. School
Langhorne Hotel, Parry Building
Langhorne Library (HLA),  Friends Meeting House
.50  Photo Postcards..
Richardson House, Parry Building
Friends Meeting, Presbyterian Church
Maple Point School
5.00  Flags. "We the People"
5.00  License Plates - Historic Langhorne 1680
20.00 Levittown 1954 Video - "Our Home Town"
3.50 -" Bucks County Magazine - Spring 1995 issue
29.50  "The Langhorne's of Langhorne Park" Book
9.00  PENN By Elizabeth Gray - Book

Click on picture to view, use your web browsers back button to return

Description: Show Case

Description: Bowl, Pot, Crock

Description: Plates

Description: Mug, Pitcher

Description: Bean Pot

Description: Pie Plate

Description: Coverlet

Description: Centennial Book

Description: Old Postcard CD

Description: Older Homes CD

Description: Covered Bridge CD

Description: 1876 Attleboro Map

Description: 1888 Langhorne Map

Description: 1876 Middletown Map

Description: Friends Meeting House

Description: Hicks House

Description: Richardson House

Description: Langhorne Hotel

Description: Langhorne Library

Description: Pine Street School

$ 8.00 Bear-
8.00 Uncle Sam
BLUE/GREEN STONEWARE (Historic Langhorne)
15.00 Coffee Mug (Langhorne, PA)
20.00 1 Qt. Jar
20.00 1 Qt. Pitcher
20.00 1 Qt. Vertical Jar
25.00 Preserve Jar with/bail
25.00 Cheese Pot with/lid
23.00 Sugar Canister with/lid
36.00 Large Pie Plate
12.00 Williamsburg Candlestick
36.00 New Bean Pot w/lid
30.00 Pickle Tub w/bail
25.00 Quart Batter Bowl
AMERICAN ROAD POTTERY (Red/Blue) (Historic Langhorne)
30-00 Utensil Crock w/bail
25.00 1 Qt. Pitcher
25.00 1 Qt. Jar
25.00 Small Batter Bowl
30.00 Butter Pot w/lid
36.00 Bean Pot w/lid
36.00 Large Pie Plate 9"-10"
25.00 Flower Planter
NOT PERSONALIZED with Historic Langhorne
12.00 Soup Mug
30.00 Sugar Jar with lid & Creamer Set
10.00 Miniature Salt (spongeware)
25.00 Small Pie Plate (spongeware)



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